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Meeting Minutes

How do you write a meeting minute and share it to members involved?
You usually use a different tool to write and share what is decided or what to do.

With Oneteam, you can do both in one place!


Write & Share a Meeting Minute

Before meeting

  • Create a to topic to make an agenda for the meeting, including the purpose, goal, attendees etc. 
  • You can also write a proposal to share in the meeting within the same topic.
  • Add the followers who will attend the meeting
  • If needed, the attendees can review and edit the agenda
  • You can know who saw so no need to go to ask if the attendees see the topic.

While meeting

  • You can add information to the topic directly while the meeting is going on.
  • Write not only the concept, goal, process and schedule, but also tasks with people assigned with mention.

After meeting

  • Assigned members get notification so they will see the topic and what they are assigned to.
  • The meeting minute is shared to every team member in Oneteam, so you can make a progress toward the goal right after the meeting!


You can both record what is necessary in a meeting and share it to the members within one tool, Oneteam.
This contributes to your speed up in your business! 

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