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If you are a manager or a leader, or if you have read something meaningful or beneficial, you want to share the information right?

In cases like that, Oneteam works perfectly!



 Share recommendation

  • If you come across with good books, articles, or web articles, create a topic to write about them.
  • You can put the link with it, so the followers can reach the information easily.
  • Choose the followers you want to share them with.

Get reactions

  • You can get how the followers feel about what you share.
  • You can communicate and develop thoughts by messaging each other.
  • The knowledge is stocked within Oneteam, so when a newcomer join and if you want the person to know about the information, you can just search the topic and mention that person.


There are many side informations which indirectly connect to your and your team members growth as well as team growth, so why don't you share and stock it?

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