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Casual Communication

Oneteam is for business, but also it is used to bring a team closer!
You can create a group for casual chats and have casual talks!


Casual Communication

Create a group for casual communications

  • You can create a group for casual communication
  • Examples would be like "delicious lunch," "events," or even "birthdays"

Communicate within a topic within the group

  • You can create a topic to share what is good lunch near your office, or open a birthday party project for someone in your team.
  • Lunch, for example, you can have a picture for what you eat within the topic.
  • Send messages each other, and you can ask to eat lunch together, or assign people what to bring for an events!
  • Pictures are easily sent by messages too, so you can tell them more information!


Not only business discussions, but also casual communications Oneteam can provides in your team!

Enjoy your information sharing and developing discussions within a topic!

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