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Daily Tasks and Progress Report

In your work, how do you tell your teammates your progress?
Or, how do you know if a member finishes what you told them?
In Oneteam, you can put both big and small tasks, which are too small to add task managers!


Daily Tasks and Progress Report

Before start working

  • Create a topic and list up to cover all tasks you have to do within a day.
  • Not only you know what to do but also it is shared in your team.
  • If there are small groups in your team, one group can have a topic for daily report, and within that the members can have their own tasks. 

While working

  • If you are asked or assigned a new task, add it by editing the topic.
  • If needed, you can add your progress or status of your tasks by [DONE], [WIP], and [Open].
  • You can message with mention if you need let one know that your task is done. 

After finishing work

  • Update your task status and based on that, you can create your tasks for tomorrow.
  • You can start your work smoothly from the next day because what to do is clear.
  • There is anything you want to share others while working, message with mention.

Create a topic for your daily tasks and update to share your progress.
If you need to mention when the task is done, use message so it is easily noticed!

Let's have efficient task management and quick work start using Oneteam! 

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