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Share Thoughts and Develop Ideas

Sometime you come up with new ideas, or perhaps you learn something from a lecture and think "this should be shared within my team."
In such case, how do you do that?

Oneteam is the perfect way to share your thoughts and develop ideas within the company!


Share Thoughts and Develop Ideas

Share your thoughts

  • Create a topic and write your thinking and impression from lecture you attended, a book you read and more.
  • Choose who you want to share your thoughts with.
  • Your followers will respond to your topic by messaging.
  • Your personal knowledge is shared as the team knowledge within Oneteam.

Develop your ideas

  • When you come up with an idea for your new product, team rule, or something to improve, create a topic and write it.
  • Adding followers, you can choose who you want to respond from.
  • Whoever is interested in that topic will comment and feedback, so your communication based on your idea will develop within the same topic.
  • That may become an improvement or a progress in your company / team.

In Oneteam, you can communicate with your team members and develop a topic-based discussion within the same topic even it is not-so-related-to-job matters!



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