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Write and Proofread Articles

If you are involved in PR or some kind of media, you will have a writer writing an article, and proofreaders before it is released.

In Oneteam, thanks to its easily editable function, you have no need to send emails back and forth!


Write & Proofread Articles

Write an article

  • You can write an article in a topic, or write in somewhere else and paste it in the topic.
  • Along with the article, you can put the schedule for the release.
  • If you have some pictures and images to go with, you can upload images in the topic too.
  • Also, if it is an article for a website, you can use Markdown style to write!
  • Add followers who you want to have see the article.


  • If there are several people involved to proofread, you can get the comments from them, and they can fix the article directly!
  • Or, they can edit and but the revised version as a message.
  • If there is an update for releasing the article, you can edit the status in the topic, either [Open], [WIP], and [Done].
  • Using Markdown, you can just copy and paste when submitting in the website.


You are no need to use two tools for writing and getting proofread! 
Articles are easily shared, revised, and completed in Oneteam!

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