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Whole Company Announcement

How do you notify everyone in your company when you have any announcement? 
Or, how do you ask a favor to the whole company or team?

In Oneteam, whole company notification is easy to create, see and response!


Whole Company Announcement


  • Create a topic and write what you have to share within your team / company, such as a new tool introduction, a newcomer announcement and attendance in rough weather.
  • You can see who saw the topic and who is not by checking topic read status below the topic.


A favor to the whole company

  • You can also ask a favor to the members to do something such as expense reinbursement or some application install.
  • When they finish what is asked, you can know that by them messaging "DONE" when they complete.
  • You can remind members by messaging with mention.


With Oneteam, there is no need to spend a long time checking emails and resending to those who have not done to check who received the information any more!


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