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Project Announcement

When there is a new project launch in your team, how do you inform your team?
If there is a progress or problem, how do you share the information?

Oneteam offers an easy way to share information about a project in your team!

Project Announcement

When a project launches

  • Create a new topic and write details about your project.
  • Write its summary, participants, background, concept, process, schedule, and such as you write a proposal normally.
  • You can add milestones to let your team know about your project progress too.
  • You can choose followers (users you want to follow the topic) who want to see the project.

While your project is going

  • When a milestone is reached, you can update the status within the topic by [Open], [WIP], [DONE].
  • If you want to assign someone for a todo, you can message with mention to let them know.
  • If there are anything new such as schedule update or detailed process, you can edit the topic, and it's automatically notified and shared.
  • If there is a related but big issue comes up, it is also possible to create a new topic to talk on the specific point.


Using Oneteam, your project information is open and easy to update anytime, anywhere!

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