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Self Introductions

Do you have new comer in your team?
Or, is your ream remote and do not know who is in your team?

If so, introducing each other in Oneteam is a good way to know each other!


What to write self introduction in Oneteam

You can put the following information to know each other more!

Basic Information

  • Name and Nickname
  • Where you were born
  • Current residence
  • Birthday

Current Role and Position in Your Team

  • Current role
  • What do you do
  • Skills and ability

Your Past Career

  • Previous occupation
  • Your Role there

Hobbies and Interest

  • Favorite food, movies, sports
  • What you do on weekends
  • Your current interest

Plus, you can introduce about your family, friends, and more!

Also, when one person created a self introduction, you can send a message to ask questions, to let him/her know you have something same!

By creating self introductions, you will feel get more closed to your teammates and your team communicates better! 



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