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How to start Oneteam

Oneteam is a collaboration tool which enables you to have topic based discussions in real time. Communicating in each topic, the subject of the discussions becomes clear, and the past discussions are easy to follow.

Even you have to move on multiple tasks with various people concerned in a project, you can share information and develop discussions within Oneteam.  

Here is the start guide for Oneteam. You can enjoy Oneteam's smooth communication with the minimum steps.

[Start Guide Movie]

Oneteam Start Guide from Oneteam on Vimeo.


Step1: Set Your Profile
To begin with, let's set your profile image. With your picture, your team members can know who posted at a glance. Also, you can intuitively choose who you want to share the topic with by seeing members' face.

Step2: Invite your team members
Then, invite your team member's to Oneteam. Invitation can be sent by email, and if you get one please sign up. After joining your team in Oneteam, you can create a topic and see what is posted in your team. 

Step3: Create a topic
Creating a topic is easy; start from "Create a New Topic." Daily reports and self introductions are easy topics to start with. You can choose two styles of writing (1) Rich text style, just like writing an email, or (2) Markdown style.

Step4:Communication by sending messages
Once a topic is created, let's start discussion by sending messages in your team. With @+user name, you can choose who you want to know what you say in the message.


If you have questions and troubles...
Oneteam offers support by chats. Please contact us from "support" on your left within Oneteam.

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