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Personal Profile Initial Registration

Access the link in the e-mail sent from Profile Book and register your own profile. The initial registration can be completed via the 5 easy steps below.

  • Social Networking
  • Basic Information
  • Hobbies/Interests
  • Work History
  • Academic Background


Social Networking

Here you can make entering your profile easy by connecting to Facebook and Instagram to import your hobbies, interests, work history, and academic background.



[Regarding Information from Connecting Profile Book with Social Networking Services (SNS)]

The exchange of information between SNS and Profile Book is as listed below.

  • All of the information listed on your SNS will not be connected to Profile Book. You personally select all of the information and images that will be reflected in the Profile Book profile fields.
  • Changes made to the profile fields in Profile Book will not be reflected on your SNS.
  • The information reflected in Profile Book will not be held by our company and will not be transferred to other parties.


Basic Information

This is where you upload your profile picture and enter basic information.



This is where you enter your own hobbies and interests. You can also select from hobbies and interests that have been entered by other members. In addition, members who share hobbies and interests with your own will be displayed and can be reviewed.


After setting your hobbies and interests you can upload an image from your PC or import a picture from Facebook or Instagram. *Connecting to Facebook or Instagram is required to import data.


Work History

Enter your previous work history here. You can also connect to Facebook to import this information.


Academic Background

Enter your academic background here. You can also connect to Facebook to import this information.


When complete the screen below will be displayed. Visit your personalized page then confirm and enhance your profile.

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