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Group Edit

In the group edit you can place each team in the hierarchy and add members to each team. Numerous settings can be modified, including the addition or deletion of members.


  • Create New Group
  • Add or Remove Members
  • Change Titles
  • Archive
  • Move


Create New Group

Use the create new group function when there is a new group at the company. A new group will be created via “+Create a new geam” when you enter a group name.


Add or Remove Members

Use the member management function when members join or move. This can be set via Add or Remove Members. In addition, you can search for members by placing their information in the search field. Searchable items include member name, furigana of name, roman characters for name, display name, or employee number.


Change Title

Use the edit function to modify the group name.



Use the archive function when a group has been dissolved. When you click Archive the screen below will be displayed. You can select the amount of time that the group was active. Because the group history is saved, the group can be made active again at any time.



Use the move function when a group falls under the organization of another group or when a group that belonged to another organization becomes independent. Drag and drop the group you want to move into the place you wish to move it. If you wish to move a small group under the organization of a larger group, drag the group and drop it on top of the larger group.


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