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Member Invitation

You can invite members in 3 ways:

  • Individual Invitation
  • Mass Group Invitation
  • Group Invitation by CSV File


Individual Invitation

Invite each member by entering their e-mail address and full name. This is useful when a new member joining to a team afterwards.


Mass Group Invitation

You can invite many members at once by entering their e-mail addresses separated by commas (“,”) or with each e-mail on its own line. You can paste these from your e-mail client or from Excel.


Group Invitation by CSV File

If the CSV file contains a full name and an e-mail address, the data can be imported and all members will be invited at the same time. Please download the CSV format file and use it to import this information.


After the import is complete, each user will have their registration results listed as “Failed,” “Success,” or “Registered.”

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